Mrunal P. Chavda

Asst. Professor

Mrunal P. Chavda

Asst. Professor
Ph.D (University of Exeter), Associate Fellow (HEA), CELTA (University of Cambridge)
About Faculty

Dr. Mrunal Chavda is an Assistant Professor in the area of Business Communication at Indian Institute of Management Raipur. He holds a PhD in Drama from the University of Exeter, United Kingdom. He has also held the Post Doctoral Research Fellowship (Sociolinguistics) at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, London.

His doctoral thesis was focused on the live production analysis of British South Asian theatre and Indian theatre in English by employing a method of analysis developed from Bharata's Natyashastra, an Indian treatise on performing arts. His postdoctoral research was centered on the documentation and critical analysis of South African Gujarati Literature. He has published research papers in top rated international and national peer reviewed journals and has presented his research papers at several reputed national and international conferences including South Asian Literary Association, International Federation for Theatre Research, and International Congress of Linguistics.

Area of Research
Business Communication, Theatre, Gandhi`s Gujarati Writings, ELT, Creative Writing, Indian Migrants across the world
Ph.D (University of Exeter), Associate Fellow (HEA), CELTA (University of Cambridge)
i. Assistant Professor, Business Communication, Indian Institute of Management, Raipur, Since Jan 2021
ii. Assistant Professor, English Language and Literature at Institute of Language Studies and Applied Social Sciences, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Jun 2019-Jan 2021
iii. Assistant Professor (Visiting) in English at Gujarat Vidyapeeth (Sadra and Randheja Campus), Gandhinagar, Dec 2018-May 2019
iv. Assistant Professor in Drama (Contract), Indian Institute of Teacher Education, Gandhinagar, Jan 2019-Mar 2019
v. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (Sociolinguistics), University of Cape Town, South Africa, Mar 2017-Mar 2019
vi. Post-Doctoral Research Assistant and Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Exeter, Sep 2012-Mar 2016
vii. Content Developer, Shreyas Foundation (Ahmedabad), Jul 2016 - Jan 2017
viii. Freelance Gujarati Language Consultant, Shree Bharat Sharda Mandir School and Cape Hindu Cultural Society, Johannesburg and Cape Town, GP, Feb 2017-Mar 2018
ix. Lecturer in English and Communication Skills, Government Polytechnic – Himmatnagar, Gujarat, Dec 2009-Sep 2011
Awards & Recognitions
i. Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Travel Grant, University of Cape Town (19,823 ZAR)
ii. International Doctoral Studentship (Drama) 2011-2014, College of Humanities University of Exeter
iii. Open Exeter Project Funding for writing a case study
iv. Teaching Bursary Department of Drama, 2010-2011
v. Travel and research grant in 2009 from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
vi. National Eligibility Test Award by University Grants Commission, New Delhi in 2005

Journal Publications

>> Chavda, M. (2020). The Natyashastra-based analysis of Mahesh Dattani’s Where Did I Leave My Purdah, Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities. Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities, https://dx.doi.org/10.21659/rupkatha.v12n2.09, 12 (1), 1 - 13

>> Chavda, M. (2019). Performing Garba (The Clap Dance): Choreographic and Commercial Changes. Dance Chronicle, 42 (1), 78 - 101

>> Chavda, M. (2018). Dakshin Africana Gujartiono Bhartiya Rashtravaad: Ek Zalak [Indian Nationalism in South African Gujarati Poets: A Perspective]. Sabdasrushti , 421 (10), 87 - 96

>> Chavda, M. (2017). Reconceptualizing witches as Hijras in Macbeth: Tara Arts’ Adaptation. The Journal of Teaching and Research in English Literature, 8 (2),

>> Chavda, M. (2016). Review of Royona Mitra’s Akram Khan: Dancing New Interculturalism (Book Review). Asian Theatre Journal, 33 (2), 525 - 528

>> Chavda, M. (2016). Review of Sreenath Nair’s The Natyashastra and the Body in Performance: Essays on Indian Theories of Dance and Drama (Book Review). Contemporary Theatre Review, 26 (3), 377 - 378

>> Chavda, M. (2015). If only Bollywood… The case of British Asian theatre. South Asian Popular Culture, 13 (3), 235 - 250

>> Chavda, M. (2015). Review of Rachel Dwyer’s Bollywood’s India (Book Review). South Asian Popular Culture, 13 (1), 103 - 105

>> Chavda, M. (2015). Review of Graham Ley 'Ancient Greek and Contemporary Performance: Collected Essays’ (Book Review). New Theatre Quarterly, 31 (4), 399 - 400

Conference Papers

>> Chavda, M. (2020). Gandhi’s Use of Rhetorical Questions in Hind Swaraj. Innovative Trends In Language, Literature, Culture, and Online Education (Online International Conference), CDC Department, Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat, August 24-25, 2020

>> Chavda, M. (2018). Gandhi’s writing Style. International Congress of Linguistics, Cape Town, South Africa

>> Chavda, M. (2018). South African Gujarati Literature: An Erasure of Literary Culture. South Asian Literary Association, New York

>> Chavda, M. (2017). Gujarati in Cape Town: A Preliminary Socio-cultural and literary analysis. National Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences Research (South Africa) and Indian Council for Social, Workshop, May 12, 2017 Sciences Research (India)

>> Chavda, M. (2016). Reconceptualizing witches as Hijras in Macbeth: Tara Arts’ Adaptation . ELTAI, Jaipur, 2016 (Awarded the best Paper Presentation 1st Cash Prize)

>> Chavda, M. (2016). Locating Intra / Inter / Cross cultural ‘Asian’ Performances in the UK. Symposium at the University of East London organized by Asian Performance Group, Tapra, UK, 2016

>> Chavda, M. (2016). Performing Garba (the clapping dance): Some Reflections on recent adaptations. Conference on Dance and Adaptation at De Monte Ford University, Leicester, 2016

>> Chavda, M. (2015). Analysing performer’s micro gestures using the Natyashastra. Post Graduate Humanities Conference, University of Exeter, 2015

>> Chavda, M. (2014). Performance Analysis of Where Did I Leave My Purdah. Theatre and Stratification. International Federation of Theatre Research, University of Warwick, 2014

>> Chavda, M. (2013). Practicing Comparative Literature in British Asian Theatre and Contemporary Indian Theatre. XIth CLAI Biennial International Conference 2013, The Journey and Scope of Comparative Literature: India and Beyond, Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, 2013

>> Chavda, M. (2012). Tara Arts’ Samudramanthan in the Oceans of Multiculturalism. Post Graduate Humanities Conference, University of Exeter, 2012

>> Chavda, M. (2010). Interactive Media and ELT Practice at Sheetal Academy. International Conference on Interactive Media in Pedagogy: Learning English in & Beyond Classrooms in H. M. Patel, Jan 2010

>> Chavda, V., & Chavda, M. (2010). Mother Tongue Teaching and Language Policy. National Conference on ‘Mother Tongue Teaching and Language Policy, Ahmedabad, Feb 2010

>> Chavda, M. (2007). The Impact of Advertisement on Rural Consumer: A Study. Indian Conference on Management: Innovations for Growth in India - Opportunities and Challenges, Gandhinagar, Dec 2007

>> Chavda, M. (2007). Development through Newly Evolved Technology in Open and Distance Education. International conference on Open and Distance Education: Frontiers, Challenges and Strategies, Hyderabad in Aug 2007

Chapter in Book

>> Chavda, M. (2021). South African Gujarati Literature: An Inventory and Critical Commentary. South Asian Languages in the Diaspora (Forthcoming), eds. Rajend Mesthrie & Sonal Kulkarni

>> Chavda, M. (2015). ‘Chutnification of Asian ‘masala’ of British Asian Diaspora and the myth of Trishanku. Discovering Diaspora – A Multidisciplinary Approach, ed. Tine Vekemans

>> Chavda, M. (2009). Rhetoric of marginal identities: A comparative study of Sharankumar Limbale’s The Outcaste and Malcom X’s The Autobiography. Exploring Fourth World Literature: Tribals, Adivasis, Dalits, ed. Raja Shekhar, ISBN: 9788178510828


>> Chavda, M. (2017). Navaratri: the longest dance festival; Gender in Gujarati language; and Types of sentence in Gujarati, https://gu.oxforddictionaries.com .

>> Chavda, M. (2013). Exeter celebrates theatre this January The Tab Exeter, Jan 15, 2013 (Online Newspaper).

>> Chavda, M. (2012). My Journey into Research…Beginnings: Issues Involved in Working with Human Subjects to Capture and Document Emotional Response, University of Exeter Aug 15, 2012.

>> Chavda, M. (2012). Four Poems published in an anthology published by Brian Wrixon, Canada http://www.blurb.com/books/3822960-in-praise-in-memory-in-ink .

i. South Asian Literary Association, Ordinary Member
ii. Life Time Member of Comparative Literature Association of India
iii. Student Member of International Federation of Theatre Research
iv. Theatre and Performance Research Association
v. BAFTASS – Euro-Bollywood Special Interest Group Member
vi. ELTAI (INDIA) – Ordinary member
vii. Gujarati Studies Association (UK) – Ordinary Member
viii. Student Staff Liaison Committee Member, University of Exeter (2011-2013)
ix. Oxford Living Gujarati Dictionaries, co-editor and contributor (Online blog)
x. Project Leader (Theatre Festival) at the Indian Institute of Teacher Education, Gandhinagar

i. Actor and Director for Matrubhasha Abhiyaan (Mother Tongue Project), Apr 2016 - Dec 2016
ii. Language Champion and Blogger at Oxford Living Dictionaries (Gujarati) with Oxford Dictionaries (online), since Jul 2017
Training and Consultancy
FDPs/Webinars/Conferences attended/Sessions chaired in national and international conferences
i. Chavda, Mrunal (19-21 August 2020), English Studies in India: Challenges, Policies, and Possibilities, organized by H M Patel English Studies Centre, the CVM University
ii. Chavda, Mrunal (25 May – 05 June 2020), Comprehensive e-Learning to e-Training guide for Administrative Work, organized by Teaching Learning Centre, Ramanujan College, University of Delhi
iii. Chavda, Mrunal (5-6 June 2020), Future Trends in Academics organized by MBIT, ARIBAS, SMAID, and CZPCBM, constituent colleges of the CVM University (Vallabh Vidyanagar)
Invited Talk (s)/Workshops
i. Delivered a guest lecture on ‘Theatre of Absurd’ at Nalini Arts College, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand, 2019
ii. Delivered a guest talk on ‘Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: A teacher’s perspective’ at A G Teachers’ College, Ahmedabad University, January 2019
iii. Conducted teachers’ workshop on ‘Identifying and writing learning objectives for enhancing effective learning’ at Shreyas Foundation, Ahmedabad. 2016
iv. Delivered a talk on ‘Hinduism: Encouraging Tolerance and Understanding in a Multifaith Society’ on 18th June 2015 at Hockworthy Village Hall, Devon (England)
v. Invited on Phonic FM Community Radio (106.8), Exeter to talk about Nine Nights Dance Festival in Exeter on 15th October 2015
Administrative and Academic Positions
i. SC/ST/OBC Scholarship In-Charge, ILSASS College (2019-2020)
ii. Member, Board of Studies (English), CVM University since 2020
iii. Post Graduate Student Representative for Drama in the College of Humanities and Postgraduate Student-Staff Liaison forum, 2012-2014
iv. Organizing Committee Member, Humanities Post Graduate Research Conference 2012
v. Facilitator for Grand Challenges 2014 on the theme ‘Re-orienting education: What might education look like if designed by learners’
vi. Member of the Administrative and Organising Team for an international conference on ‘The Gender, Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Dialogue’ at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad supported by United National Development Program 2009