About EFPM

Executive Fellow Program in Management (EFPM) is a unique doctoral programme in management specifically designed for working professionals with more than 7 years of work experience in industry.

With the rapid expansion of management education in India, it has become inevitable that top business schools cater to the need of the faculty by producing excellent researchers and academicians who have a strong practical experience of the corporate world. Management education will only be powerful and effective if the people with their real life experiences are brought to the academic forefront. Executive EFPM at IIM Raipur is an attempt in that direction. The Programme is intended to bring industry and academia close to each other. By providing scholarly inputs to those who already have domain knowledge of their discipline, the programme will offer prospects of a full time/part time career within academia or in research positions outside the academia world.

Participants would be awarded the "Executive Fellow in Management of IIM Raipur" on successful completion of the Programme.

Objectives of the Programme

The major objective of this programme is to develop high quality researches in all areas of management. The specific objectives of the programme are:

  • To provide scholars with necessary skills to identify and research complex issues in the field of management in real life world.
  • To contribute to the creation, transmission and application of knowledge in the field of management.
  • To do research and publications of international standard in inter-disciplinary areas of management that will add value to the society and to the body of knowledge.
  • To meet the teaching and research manpower needs of academia and industry by producing highly skilled individuals with exceptional analytical ability and training in conducting applied research.