ePGP-Program Benefits

Who should attend? 

  • Junior, mid-level and senior executives aspiring to assume a leadership role in their respective functions/organizations.
  • Candidates wishing to start their entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Candidates looking to run their family businesses successfully seeking contemporary management inputs.
  • Candidates looking to graduate from a rather technical role to management/leadership role.
  • Self-employed professionals such as Doctors, Architects, Consultants looking to augment their professional endeavours.
  • Participants looking for a managerial role in the industry.

Benefits of the programme

  • Gaining a general management orientation that coupled with participants’ functional expertise would facilitate them to assume larger roles.
  • Participants gain valuable insights as faculty members share cutting-edge management concepts, global industry trends, business practices and their own practical knowledge to the classroom.
  • Participants learn and contribute to each other’s experiences, discover new perspectives and gain an understanding of diverse functions, industries, organisational practices, and paradigms.
  • Flexibility and convenience owing to the blend of on-campus and online delivery.
  • Makes participants contemporary industry-ready.

*Corrigendum: ePGP 2021-23 fee structure for International candidates (In USD)