Marketing Club Events

National Level Competitions

  • Phoenix: A case based event focussing on the revival of a company.

  • AdZynga: The Ad War event of Mantra.

  • Meliora: An Ad analysis event organised by the club.

  • Elixir: An event concerned with launching a unique product in the market and providing a marketing strategy for the same.



Equinox Events

  • Case Files: The flagship Live Case study event organized by Mantra.

  • Seeker: The online treasure hunt event organized by Mantra. 30 gruelling levels to test the participants.

  • Manovra: The marketing strategy event organized by Mantra. This provides an opportunity to get into a marketer's shoes and strategize different aspects of marketing.



Marketing Fest – Samarth

Mantra organized its first marketing fest Samarth in 2016. The event was in a league format where participants had to solve their way past four live cases to win the title. The event saw more than 1000 participants fighting it out.



On Campus Events

  • CMO Factory: ‘Marketing for Start-ups’ workshop was conducted in association with CMO Factory. Session was taken by Mr. Nitish Rai Gupta, a veteran marketer with over 14 years of experience at P&G, Coca-Cola and Yum Brands.

  • Grey space: Application of freshly learned Marketing concepts with a blend of fun and humour.

  • BizzStrat: A business strategy simulation game where each team is given a product and a set of scenarios. With the constrained plots, the teams had to come up with the most optimal and sustaining strategy.

  • Batch Preparedness Sessions: Various important concepts, strategies and marketing tips were shared with the new batch. This enhanced their marketing knowledge. Also includes sessions of SPSS & Google AdWords.

  • Marketing Information Board: A one-stop solution to the latest marketing trends. Apart from current marketing information, MIB also includes SIP experiences of some of the seniors. The board updated with new talks and stories.

  • Snippets: A series of marketing quiz questions and riddles posted in the WhatsApp group. The first person to give the correct answer receives a token prize.