Faculty & Research

Journal Publications

Internationalization of hybrid state-owned enterprises from emerging markets: Institutional investors as enablers (Forthcoming)
Author's: Panicker, U., & Sivakumar, S.
Publication In: Journal of Business Research (JBR) – ABDC – A

Matching explanations with regulatory focus
Author's: Salagrama, R., Mattila, A. S., Prashar, S., & Tata, S. V.
Publication In: Marketing Intelligence & Planning

Impact of Antecedents of Celebrity-Product Congruence on Value Transfer and Purchase Intention: Moderating Effect of Cognitive Strength and Over-endorsement
Author's: Arora, N., Prashar S., Parsad, C., & Vijay, S.
Publication In: Journal of Strategic Communication

Exploring the Effect of Personality Congruencies on Brand Identification and Purchase Intentions
Author's: Arora, N., Prashar, S., Vijay, T. S., & Parsad, C.
Publication In: Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science