The PGP extends over a period of two years, involving six trimesters with a summer internship at a prestigious organization. The programme is carefully designed keeping in view the changing needs of the global business scenario.

During the first year, students are exposed to basic concepts in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Quantitative Methods, Operations, Behavioural Sciences and Strategy through the core courses. These lay the foundations for all the functional areas of management and help the students develop an intricate understanding about the different facets involved.

In the second year, students choose from a range of electives to concentrate on functional areas of their interest. The areas offered at present are Finance, Operations, Marketing, Human Resources, Strategy and General Management.

A lot of emphasis during the PGP has been laid on industry based and research projects. The students, over the period of years are expected to conduct research on various aspects of management and subject it to the scrutiny and evaluation of the faculty. This is aimed at increasing the levels of comprehension the students possess in the respective topics.

PGP-Year I

Term I Term II Term III

Financial Accounting and Decision Making

Financial Management-I

Financial Management-II

Marketing Management-I

Marketing Management-II

Strategy Management-I

Operations Management-I

Cost Accounting and Decision Making

Operations Management-II

Organizational Behaviour-I

Organizational Behaviour-II

Human Resource Management

Micro Economics

Macro Economics

Business Environment

Quantitative Methods-I

Quantitative Methods-II

Research Methodology

Legal Aspects of Business

Management Information Systems

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Business Communication-I

Business Communication-II

Business Communication-III



Term IV Term V Term VI

Strategic Management - II

Elective - VI

Elective - XII

Elective - I

Elective - VII

Elective - XIII

Elective - II

Elective - VIII

Elective - XIV

Elective - III

Elective - IX

Elective - XV

Elective -IV

Elective - X

Elective - XVI

Elective - V

Elective - XI

Elective - XVII

List of Electives :
Finance :
  Business Analysis and Valuation   Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  Banking Management   International Finance and Forex management
  Financial Derivatives   Financial Risk Management
  Investment Banking   Mergers and Acquisitions
  Project Appraisal Finance   Financial Analytics
  Fixed Income Securities   Behavioural Finance
Human Resources Management :
  IR & Labour Laws   Leadership in Emerging Context
  Strategic HRM   Compensation Management
  Competency & Talent Management   Organizational Development
  Performance Management System   Conflict & Negotiation
  Training & Development   International HRM
  Role of HRM in M & A/Turnaround
IT and Operations :
  Business Analytics Using Data Mining   Digital Strategies in Business
  Project Management   Service Operations
  Supply Chain Management   Supply Chain Modelling and Analytics
  Advanced Production and Inventory Management System   Operations Strategy
  Global Sourcing and Contracts Management   Business Process Reengineering
  Business models for e-commerce   Lean Enterprise
  Business models for e-commerce   Logistics Management
  Innovation and Technology Management   Total Quality Management & Six Sigma

Marketing :

  Services’ Marketing   Advanced Marketing Research
  Consumer Behaviour   Sales and Distribution
  Integrated Marketing Communications’   B2B Marketing
  Rural Marketing   Customer Relationship Management
  Brand Management   New product development
  Retail Management   International Marketing
  Pricing   Digital Marketing
  Exports Management
Strategy and General Management :
  Advanced Competitive Strategy   International Business
  Public Policy   Strategic Agri-Business Management
  Entrepreneurship   Business Simulation : Capstone
  Econometrics for Managerial Decision Making
Note : Electives will be offered as per PGP rules