Student Affairs Committee


Student Affairs Committee (SAC) works for the overall well-being and holistic development of the students of the institute so that they may  emerge as responsible leaders and as active participants in society. SAC is the coordinating body between the students and the administration  its scope extends to all areas under the purview of the institute. SAC, as an elected central student body ensures transparent flow of  information and communication between the management and the students

Roles and Responsibilities

  • SAC protects the interests of the student fraternity and negotiating with the administration on behalf of the students.
  • SAC is the sole coordinating body among the various Clubs and Committees and ensures the smooth functioning of all Intra-College activities.
  • All the 13 clubs are under the umbrella of Student Affairs Office. SAC manages all the activities related to the thirteen clubs.
  • SAC is responsible for implementing all government events and activities like Independence Day, Republic Day, Yoga Diwas, Hindi Diwas, Swatch Bharat Abhiyan etc.
  • SAC is the central coordinating body in team formation, planning and execution of annual college fest, TedX, SPIC Macay and major events of the college.
  • SAC prepares the yearly budget for monetary allocation to various Clubs and Committees for their events.
  • SAC assumes leadership for smooth functioning of admission of all clubs and committees.
  • We maintain the discipline among the students to uphold the image of IIM Raipur before it’s peer institutes.

The SAC of IIM Raipur for the academic year 2020-2021 consists of the following:

Chairman, Student Affairs

Dr. Rabin Kumar Jana

SAC Office (Co-ordinator)

Mr. Binoy Thankachen

Executive Members

  • Aditya Tiwari
  • Hardik Rai
  • Jhanvi Lakra
  • Omanshu Yadav
  • Osheen Mishra
  • Somya Jain
  • Tanvi Joshi