Finance Club

Financial Colloquium

FINATIX is a forum of likeminded enthusiasts willing to make their career in the high world of finance, and to bolster their knowledge continuously and share their knowledge with all the students who are interested in making their career in finance. The club:

  • Aims to keep abreast with the current developments in the field of finance and focuses on research in areas such as financial markets, instruments, regulations, etc.
  • Creates opportunities and provides a platform for simulation of real world scenarios so that each and every student is equipped with right kind of financial acumen.
  • Organizes events where in the participants self assess their financial quotient and raise the bar every time.


The Foreign Investment Competition. This event tests your basic knowledge of finance and economy. This events provide students with great opportunity to practice decision-making skills in the field of Merger and Acquisitions and also tests your knack in investments.

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 Executive Members

  • Abhijeet Singh
  • Anand TM
  • Pol Ajinkya Dattatraya
  • Ronnie George
  • Sachin Shinde
  • Sudharm Agrawal
  • Suyasha Chitranshi
  • Vishakha Agarwal