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Class Representatives 'Lead, Protect and Negotiate'

Class representative acts as an interface between students, faculty and administration. Working with the faculty and administration, we strive to make the learning experience engaging and enjoyable for the students. We lend our voices to the students' concerns and opinions; play an active role in resolving any issues with the faculty and administration in the day-to-day academic activities. We encourage and bring new initiatives to table with aim to make the campus life and learning more fun and engaging.

Every year, our team is elected by the students at the start of the PGP program. It comprises of 8 members, 2 members from each section. The team functioning undergoes a continuous refinement and development through the semi-annual feedback system put in place.

Staying true to our motto, our goal is to 'Lead the way, Protect the interests of our peers and Negotiate for a win-win situation between the students and authorities.



 Class Representatives


  • Aman Kumar
  • Arti Rastogi
  • Lonkar-Pratik
  • P V Sindhuri
  • Saksham Verma
  • Sancharini Saha
  • Sanchit Ghai
  • Lalwani Twinkle